Welcome to Get Better Physiotherapy Centre

Get Better Physiotherapy Centre is a multidisciplinary clinic. The main clinic is located at Browns Plains but also have satellite clinics at Park Ridge and Browns Plains Family Practice. We provide high quality Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage and Exercise Physiology services. Especially achieving fast pain relief for our patients. Whether your injury is sustained at work , home or sports, we can help you! In particular our therapists treat conditions affecting muscles, bones, joints and nerves.

Our point of difference is that we are completely hands on. Another key point is that Get Better Physiotherapy centre has private rooms rather than cubicles! Because we care about your privacy and confidentiality. Particularly while treating women’s and men’s health issues. Furthermore, we believe in a team approach to treat our patients. We think all health professionals have unique skills that help patients recover. Hence, we have a team of professionals caring for you. It is our aim to get you back to life quickly! Some of the common injuries we treat are:


Lower back pain


Neck pain 

Migraines and headaches

Knee pain

Arthritic pain

Ankle sprains

Ligament injuries

Whiplash injuries


Sports Injuries


Our goal at Get Better Physiotherapy Centre is to get patients pain free quickly. We believe in providing value information to prevent future issues. Therefore, our health practitioners are regularly taking professional development courses. So we remain at the forefront of latest advances in treatment. We have a team of therapists who are not only compassionate but also committed. As a result we have been able to build great relationship with our patients. Especially so with the neighboring doctors who have trusted in taking care of their patients over and over again. 



Physios are university trained professionals that treat injuries/conditions affecting different body parts. In particular our physios treat joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons or bones. To explain further some common injuries we may see are back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, sprains, arthritis and bursitis. It is important to realize that Physiotherapy is not just for sporting injuries or after surgery.  At Get Better Physiotherapy Centre, our Physios are skilled at pin pointing exactly where the pain is coming from. Furthermore we use hands on therapy. So you can be pain free as soon as possible! Whether your injury is sustained at work, in a car accident or while playing sport, we can help you! 

Exercise Physiologists

Exercise Physiologists are also university trained professionals. They specialize in prescribing strengthening exercises after injury. This is to strengthen muscles and get you back to life!  In addition to this, their  expertise lie in exercises after heart or lung diseases.  Furthermore, weight loss in people suffering from diabetes or thyroid issues can be challenging. Exercise physiologists are particularly helpful in these conditions. It is also important to note their role in returning people back to work after injury.  This is done through pool or gym based programs. In fact, they give home exercise programs as well based on patient's fitness levels. It must be remembered that the right exercises will help quicker recovery. 

Remedial Massage Therapists

The Remedial massage therapists at Get Better Physiotherapy Centres are fully qualified with a diploma. Hence, their knowledge is more advanced than a masseuse you may find at your local shopping centre! Since there is regular communication between our therapists and Physios, they have a great understanding of injuries. Our massage therapists are not only skilled in pregnancy massages but also lymph drainage. 


Browns Plains Clinic

Park Ridge Family Practice